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“Thread Family” is a set of small height-adjustable furniture pieces featuring a thread and seat lathed from walnut wood on a welded steel base available in many colours. The family consists of six members: Small Stool, Bistro Table, High Stool, as well as → Garderobe, → Thread X
and → Higher Desk.

The main feature is the lathed upper part, consisting of a 40 mm thread cut from walnut, connected to the seat by a visible and well crafted cross-shaped wedge-joint. Its surface is finished with hardwood oil to enhance the natural appearance and to produce a smooth running of the thread when adjusting the seat height. The steel base is welded from precision mild steel tubes, inspired by high quality bicycle frames.

Conceived as objects of high flexibility, the “Thread Family” works in small spaces and in large places alike. They rise and adapt to the needs of the user and every piece can become a lifelong companion to a child or an adult. “Thread” emphasizes the natural qualities of wood and works well as a single piece and in a group.

The whole Thread Family has now been honored five times: once as a “Winner” at the Interior Innovation Award ’14, once as a “Winner” at the iF Product Design Award ’14, once with a “Special Mention” at the German Design Award ’14 once with the “Nominee” at the Green Product Award ’14 and with the “Nominee” at the Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland ’14.

For further requests feel free to contact us at → or give us a call at +49 (0)30 2060738800. The price list you will find → here.
Completion2012-2017 DesignFlip Sellin TeamAditya Somway | Jan Stauf | Claudia Pineda De Castro Materialwalnut, mild steel, polymer DimensionsSmall Stool: Ø 32 cm | h 36–54 cm
High Stool: Ø 32 cm | h 54–72 cm
Bistro Table: Ø 53 cm | h 45–72 cm
Garderobe: Ø 40 cm | h 170 cm
Thread X: h 68–75 cm | w 60 cm | d 37–41 cm
Higher Desk: h 110–115 cm | w 50 cm | d 38 cm | Hans-Joachim Roscher
Patricia Haas
AwardsWinner Interior Innovation Award '14
iF Product Design Award '14
Special Mention German Design Award '14
Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland Nominee '14
Green Product Award '14 Nominee
Price List→ COORDINATION_ThreadFamily_Preisliste_2017.pdf Contact→