Microsoft Center Berlin, 2013     Images Concept Facts
“Experience Microsoft in new ways” – with this aspiration Microsoft is opening new communication channels in the heart of Berlin.

On the boulevard Unter den Linden the first public Microsoft Centre worldwide was opened -
a space for networking and discussion between customers, media, politics and society. Spread over 3.000 sqm on four floors the historically listed building houses high-level corporate spaces for clients, partners and employees.

The ground floor is dedicated to public communication with its café → “The Digital Eatery” and a generous and flexible presentation area for event formats of up to 400 people. The upper floors are occupied by Microsoft’s internal working spaces.

An exclusive place to welcome political and corporate clients is the Briefing Center on the upper floor of the historical building complex: premium reception areas and a 360-degree showroom create presentation opportunities at the highest standard. 

The communications agency FTWild (overall concept and project management) supervised the architectural concept and the interior design together with COORDINATION. Art+Com was responsible for the media installations. Working closely with all involved partners and the client, this ambitious project was successfully designed, planned and executed in just eleven months.

This project has been honoured with the Iconic Awards Winner ’15 which is handed out by the German Design Council.
ClientCilent: Microsoft Deutschland GmbH
Principal: FTWILD GmbH
AssignmentIdea, concept, planning and execution of the interior design, of loose furnishings and of the accessories Completion2013 Extent3.000 sqm DesignJochen Gringmuth | Christian Skeide
Sonja Stadelmaier | Katrin Weiß-Höppeler
Project ManagementRebecca Hellbach TeamChristian Skeide | Sonja Stadelmaier | Jan Stauf
Isabelle Klinke | Katrin Weiß-Höppeler | Christoph Brautzsch | Paola Bagna | Ingo Strobel | Daniel Nagurski
PartnerFTWild Kommunikation GmbH (overall concept) Lighting DesignAnne Boissel Fit-outISG plc. | Bernhard Twents GmbH Media InstallationsART+COM AG ContentMicrosoft PhotosUlf Büschleb AwardsIconic Awards Winner Interior Design '15