Modular system sofa 2002     Images Concept Facts
This system for public or private seating areas is composed of single upholstered elements fixed onto stainless steel frames of variable sizes. The width of the seat can be configured in multiples of 33 cm. The individual upholstery elements can be freely repositioned on the existing frames at any time.
Completion2002 DesignFlip Sellin Materialstainless steel, upholstered elements in textile or leather Dimensionssingle element: h 22,5/40,5 cm | w 33 cm | d 99 cm
sofa (example): h 36/54 cm | w 198 cm | d 99 cm
seat (example): h 36/54 cm | w 99 cm | d 99 cm
ManufacturerFree | COORDINATION for one-offs PhotosYves Sucksdorff