BMW Welt, München, 2016     Images Concept Facts
Black liquid meander at BMW Welt – The Prod­uct Info Cen­ter (PIC) at BMW Welt was reopened in an entirely new design language. BMW’s PIC offers customers who collect their new automobile to engage in a per­sonal in­tro­duction offered by specialists.

The dy­namic new ar­chi­tec­ture stuctures the space into individual briefing areas and fluctuates be­tween openness and discretion. With its black meandering wall structure on 290+ square metres, up to 13 individual briefings can be held simulta­ne­ously and with­out in­ter­fer­ence.
The brief­ing is per­son­al­ised down to the last detail and precisely tailored to the customer and his new vehi­cle. To allow the collecting party a de­tailed overview of their individually composed functions and fea­tures, the BMW special­ists have access to a data­base-supported, interactive pre­sen­ta­tion system, developed by the agency ART+COM. Whether ‘Motor’, ‘Lane Assistance’ or ‘Head-up Dis­play’ – with the help of current 4K tech­nol­ogy, touch sensors, and integrated ges­ture recognition, com­plex vehi­cle func­tions are virtu­ally explained – with much more ease and spatial freedom than possible in the actual car.

A contrasting light tinted timber spatial structure with fair wooden furnishings take the edge off to soften the technical experience atmospherically.The large-scale media appli­ca­tions are embedded in a circumferen­tial medial horizon that connects all stations to a holis­tic state of the art spatial experi­ence. The cockpit like booths are furnished with bespoke seats, allowing up to a four people briefing.

Especially challenging was the acoustic deadening and absorbtion within the entire space, including the briefing areas: Perfect acoustics have been achieved by microperforations in all even, curved matt and high gloss surface panels. To meet the high fire safety requirements all materials were pushed to the very limits of construction. A perfect result was achieved.

The overall concept and all digital and media applications of the PIC were developed by the lead agency ART+COM Studios. COORDINATION was responsible for the design and planning of the complete interior design and also took care of all phases from ideation to the implementation.
ClientBMW AG AssignmentIdea, concept, planning and execution of the interior design and customized furnishings Completion03 | 2016 Extent300 sqm DesignJochen Gringmuth | Katrin Weiß-Höppeler | Christian Skeide Project ManagementKatrin Weiß-Höppeler TeamCarén Becker | Vincent Cramer | Christoph Brautzsch | Sonja Stadelmaier PartnerART+COM Studios (Lead Agency) Lighting DesignAnne Boissel Acoustic EngineerKrämer & Stegmaier GmbH Fit-outRaumtechnik GmbH Site SupervisionKatrin Weiß | Marc-Olivier Stellwag (bfm-net-GmbH) Media InstallationsART+COM Studios | Klangerfinder (Sounddesign) ContentBavaria Film Interactive GmbH PhotosBodo Mertoglu AwardsAutomotive Brand Contest 2016 Winner Screen DesignART+COM Studios