Pendant light 2007     Images Concept Facts
Polygon Crash is a handcrafted pendant light made of polished stainless and mild steel. Consisting of three layered and interlocked polygon shades the object is suspended in space by thin steel wire. The partially mirrored polygons reflect parts of the lamp and the surrounding space to visually deconstruct itself.
Completion2007 DesignFlip Sellin TeamDaniel Weidler | Aditya Somway | Jan Stauf Materialmild steel, powdercoated, stainless steel mirror polished Light Source3x Hera LED Twin Stick 2 warm white 3000 K | dimmable Hera LED transformer 24/15 W 24V DC with dim radio controller and 1-10V dimmer Dimensionsh 36 cm | w 99 cm | d 63 cm ManufacturerFree | COORDINATION for one-offs PhotosYves Sucksdorff